Funny made up swear words

Boustrophedon — A kind of ancient writing that is written right to left and left to right in alternate lines. Pandiculation — The way your torso stretches when you are tired or yawning. Mugwump — A person who is aloof or truly independent in political matters. Gubbins — The parts of fish that are generally thrown away and not consumed.

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TV's 10 Best Fake Swear Words

Fake word generators are something especially for you. Modern tools are purposely created to save your time. Although, there is no proper defintion for the fake words, but these are unique made-up words that do not have a specific meaning but sounds real.

funny made up swear words

A lot of people from different fields require new and unique words for every day. So, if you need to find a name for your upcoming website,a product or a marketing campaign then you may also require some fresh ideas.

Since the human brains have the capacity to process language, people implement new words to boost up creativity. But now the online machines and apps does the same work for the users within few tiny seconds. Fake Word generators are immensely fast and contains a huge amount of data for the users. So, you need some made-up words for the next creative campaign or even a name for your next product? These fake word generator tools are the helpful resources to generate unusual words that may sound real but are funny too.

The purpose of this fake generators is to help you to pick a uncomparable word for any project. Fake words or Pseudowords are words with no real meaning but can be pronounced easlily.

Several campaigns, business and project need artificial words and these generators are quick machines to bring a list of words for you. Many of the words may sound stupid or nonsense, but is more fun to have new words to your list.

Advertisers and marketers often work on creative projects where captivating audience is the real purpose. To attract the consumers and a wide audience, it is important to generate unique words. When you visit the site, you just have to click a button to get number of different fake words every second.

Are you finding a fake name for the character of your online game? Try this online fake word generator. It is speedy and fast in bringing a number of words for you.

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The words are also easy to pronounce and it makes you more creative. Sometimes, the use of made-up words also make us insane. Oh Yes! With this easy tool, you can also customize the search tool and select a fake word of your choice. Choose the number of words to display and the length of the characters.

You also have the liberty to find fake words in 5 languages. First, customize the options and enjoy the unique words. This is a tool which frequently generate a list of nonsense words based on a frequency list of phonemes. The good thing is that the words produced on the site are easy to pronounce and absolutely explain no meaning at all. Sometimes, fake words are also used in advertisements to captivate the attention of masses.

In that sense, this tool is an effective source to produce a number of unique words within minor seconds.For this to work, we need people who have the means to become paying supporters. For the month of April we have disabled ads on all E-M content.

funny made up swear words

We need 81 people to reach our goal of 3, active supporters. If we hit that, we'll continue with a new goal in May! Funniest swear word combinations? I personally like fat fuck, or crazy cunt.

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What are your favourite swear word combinations? Response to Funniest swear word combinations? Except for Narcissy, that guy sucks. Muff whoa i haven't heard that one in a while I wanted to say granny fucking is pretty funny too.

And do de duck, rubber duck, duck, rubber duck Rubber duck, duck, rubber duck, duck, rubber duck, Duck, rubber duck, duck, rubber duck, rubber duck, Duck, rubber duck, rubber duck, duck.

More Diesel power. I think cock gobbler is the funniest. Just imagine it. A little monster running around gobbling up cocks. It's kinda old now, but dick wad always struck me as funny I mean it's a wad that comes from a dick It's a strange world.

Some get rich, and others eat shit and die. I like cunt-wanker, testicle-rapist, nipple-faggot, slut-nutsack, retard-shit, and royal-fucking-pain-in-the-ass. Please check out our Supporter Upgrade and consider coming aboard! Member since: May. Member Level 23 Artist. Member since: Sep. Member Level 07 Blank Slate.Say what you will about swearing, but sometimes, nothing is more satisfying than screaming out a long list of cuss words to get your frustration out, even for book characters.

Not all authors go for the traditional four-letter swears that we all know and love, though, and some of the best fictional curse words from literature are completely made up. It sure made swearing as a kid a whole lot easier. From basic world building to censoring to adapting a work for a younger audience, there are a lot of reasons an author might choose to replace traditional curse words with fictional ones. Whether they're to make a YA "more appropriate" for young readers though, what young reader today hasn't heard their fair share of bad language or to make an alternative reality more believable, made up curse words enrich stories in new and unique ways.

Love them or hate them, made-up swear words are a part of the world building process, and they even help expose, if not explain, more of the fictional culture within the story. Not to mention, some of them are down right hilarious. The next time you feel the urge to let your aggression out with swear-filled rant, try replacing them with one of these 11 fictional curse words from books. Some will satisfy your craving to curse, others will make you laugh out loud, but all of them are fun to say, trust me.

In addition to exclaiming "Light! Click here to buy. When writing the Maze Runner seriesJames Dashner didn't just create a new disease, government, and entire alternate world, but he also made up an entire set of slang and swear words for the characters in it. Among them are "Shank," an insulting term to call someone, and "Shuck," a exclamatory swear word that rhymes with one of our own swear words.

Though not exactly a swear word, the term "Mudblood" from the Harry Potter series is about as offensive as fictional words get. On the surface, it simply refers to a magical person being born to Muggle parents, but it's meant to be a biting insult, one that Malfoy is all to happy to use throughout the books.

Can you really blame Hermione for punching him over it? In a fantasy world so complex, so well built, and so detailed, are you really surprised to find out that Sir Terry Pratchett also made up his own words, including curse words, for the Discworld series?

Among the best are "Ach crivens," which can be yelled out at any time you find yourself or your universe in peril — or, you know, if accidentally send an email too soon. Although A Clockwork Orange is among my favorite books, it took me a few chapters to really start to get into the story because of the made up language the characters used. Author Anthony Burgess created an entire set of vocabulary, nadsat, that Alex and the other hooligans in the novel use constantly.

Among the better curse words are "Bratchny," which roughly means bastard and is often what I mutter to myself when my internet isn't going fast enough. Perhaps one of the funniest fake swear words, "Belgium" is, according to Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"the most offensive word in the galaxy.

Beth Revis got pretty creative when making up new curse words in Across the Universe. Rather than using other, more familiar four letter words, she made one up herself: frex, as in "you can go frex yourself. If you can't say one f-word, replace it with two. That's what Joseph Heller did in Catchwhere he used the phrase "ficky-fick" in place of a more familiar sexual expletive.

And, because he likes f-words so much, Heller also used "Furgle" as a swear word. I think he got his point across. The name of the fictional sun in Richard Adams's Watership Down"Frith" is a made-up expletive that is similar to taking a god's name in vain.If you have children, are around them often, or even work at a school, you know how hard it is to come up with creative alternatives to cussing.

Here is a list of great words and phrases that you can use instead of swearing! Feel free to to use any of these with your own kids and add your best words and phrases to the list!

Gee willickers! Gee whiz! Cheese whiz!

22 Amazing Fictional Swear Words Everyone Should Use In Real Life

Good night! Sam Hill! Son of a monkey! Son of a bucket!

11 Fictional Curse Words From Literature You Can Start Using In Your Everyday Life

William Shatner! Son of a motherless goat! Judas Priest! Gosh darn it! Shut the front door! Holy cow! Horse pucky! Son of a mother trucker! Fudge berries! Geez Terwilligers! Poo on a stick! Aw, duck water! Jerk water! Oh, snap!

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Fraggle rock! Bull spit! Scuddle butt! Son of a biscuit! Oh my gosh! Oh my goodness! Peanut butter and jelly! Oh, man! Oh, dear! Mother of pearl! Tartar sauce! Fish paste!

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Fart knocker! Golly gee! What the frog!Please create an account to participate in the Slashdot moderation system. It would have been more likely for Starbuck to do it in Bionic Woman.

50 Amazing Words Roald Dahl Made Up

Did anybody else think the two characters were the same. I know the reasons why. Sadly, I've watched the entire first season DVD extras twice and studied more about this than any reasonable person should. I also know why they intentionally kept story arcs shallow "we don't want to be another Farscape! The bigger problem is that they made it up as they went. The whole "cylons have a plan" thing was tossed in during the cutting of the intro, it was just a throw-away line. I read the original quote, don't have it now.

Another original quote is that the whole hybrid baby's blood curing cancer thing was thrown in at the last minute by RDM. When you have a show like this, it's tough to stick to an uber-plot but you really have to try.

Why the Cylons attacked should not be an up in the air matter, it should be. For some people that's not a good thing. On a slightly more serious note, I'd agree that sometimes invented vocabulary works -- for example, in Lord of the Rings. But too many writers use it as a cheap substitute for the much more difficult work of telling a good story that evokes a sense of place. Part of what makes the painstaking technical work of Niven and Pournelle lack credibility is that they, too consistently surrender good writing to pushing clumsy ideology.

I don't particularly agree with the linked post. Good science fiction doesn't require every single book to portray every single conceivable aspect of humanity and every conceivable form of government.

That assumes however that the reasons for whatever system it portrays make some sense even if that requires a certain amount of random chance. Some would say that writing a story that could just as easily take place in the current world ie: soap opera shoved into space is a waste of the genre's potential.

Lucifer's Hammer was written by people smart enough to understand that nuclear power is actually a pretty good way to generate electricity. The quoted reviewer doesn't seem to have the same mental capacity. Tolkien didn't make up any words, he made up languages. And, yes, I'm serious. The point behind XKCD's joke is that if you're learning a language, you discover relationships among the words and those interconnections make it easier to learn additional words. If an author just makes up random words, they don't mean anything and the reader is basically participating in an exercise to see how many nonsense syllables they can memorize.

Jerry Pournelle was once asked why the Second Empire of Man in the CoDominium novels used titles like King, Duke and Earl; he replied that those were the English words that corresponded to the roles, and he saw no need to invent new words.

You may now do a dictionary search for the word 'smegma' and be suitably revolted. I do not recommend doing a general google search for the word I haven't tried, but I can imagine. I certainly do not recommend an image search. I don't want to be responsible for your inevitable breakdown.If you read that as "a-hole," then think again.

Aktashite is a rare mineral used commercially as an ore of arsenic, copper, and mercury.

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It takes its name from the village of Aktash in eastern Russia, where it was first discovered in The final — iteincidentally, is the same mineralogical suffix as in words like graphite and kryptonite.

While exploring the coast of Virginia inCaptain John Smith of Pocahontas fame wrote in his journal of a creature known to local tribes as the assapanick. By "spreading their legs, and so stretching the largeness of their skins," he wrote, "they have been seen to fly 30 or 40 yards. Assart is an old medieval English legal term for an area of forested land that has been converted into arable land for growing crops. It can also be used as a verb meaning "to deforest," or preparing wooded land for farming.

As well as being the name of a former shipping port in northern Tasmania, boobyalla is also an Aborigine name for the wattlebird, one of a family of honeyeaters native to much of Australia. In his Dictionary of the English LanguageSamuel Johnson described a bum-bailiff as "a bailiff of the meanest kind," and in particular, "one that is employed in arrests.

To bumfiddle means to pollute or spoil something, in particular by scribbling or drawing on a document to make it invalid. A bumfiddler is someone who does precisely that. Like the aholeholethe bummalo is another tropical fish, in this case a southeast Asian lizardfish. Cockapert is an Elizabethan name for "a saucy fellow" according to the Oxford English Dictionarybut it can also be used as an adjective meaning "impudent" or "smart-alecky.

A cock-bell can be a small handbell, a type of wildflower that grows in the spring, and an old English dialect word for an icicle. The cockchafer is a large beetle native to Europe and western Asia. The origin of its name is a mystery, but one theory claims the beetles are so characteristically aggressive that they can be made to fight one another like cockerels.

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Standing little more than a foot tall at the shoulder, the dik-dik is one of the smallest antelopes in all of Africa. Their name is apparently an imitation of their alarm call. A dreamhole is a small slit or opening made in the wall of a building to let in sunlight or fresh air. It was also once used to refer to holes in watchtowers used by lookouts and guards, or to openings left in the walls of church towers to amplify the sounds of the bells.

According to one 19th-century glossary of industrial slang, a fanny-blower or fanner was "used in the scissor-grinding industry," and comprised "a wheel with vanes, fixed onto a rotating shaft, enclosed in a case or chamber to create a blast of air. Fartlek is a form of athletic training in which intervals of intensive and much less strenuous exercise are alternated in one long continuous workout. It literally means "speed-play" in Swedish. Fuk was an old Middle English word for a sail, and in particular the foremost sail on a ship.

To grope a gull is an old Tudor English expression meaning "to take advantage of someone," or "to swindle an unsuspecting victim"—and a gullgroper does just that. Taking its name from an Arabic word meaning "blustering" or "blowing," a haboob is a dry wind that blows across deserts, dustbowls, and other arid regions often at great speed, forming vast sandstorms as it goes.

Haboobs are typically caused by the collapse of a cold front of air, which blasts dust and sediment up from the desert floor as it falls.

The Oxford English Dictionary calls a humpenscrump "a musical instrument of rude construction. Invagination is simply the process of putting something inside something else and in particular, a sword into a scabbardor else is the proper name for turning something inside out. The opposite is called evagination. Jaculation is the act of throwing or jostling something around, while to jaculate means "to rush or jolt forward suddenly.

A jerkinhead is a roof that is only partly gabled i. Jerkinheads are also known as "half-hipped" or "clipped-gable" roofs.

funny made up swear words

As well as being an old nickname for a walking stick or truncheon, knobstick is an old 19th-century slang word for a workman who breaks a strike, or for a person hired to take the place of a striking employee.